Lake Ossiach (Ossiacher See) in Austria

Lake Ossiach is one of the most famous of the large lakes in Carinthia. Between the mountainrage of the Gerlitzen Alps and Ossiacher Tauern, Lake Ossiach is 25Km wide and depths up to 52m deep.

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 The Riverbanks around the Lake are shared with four different cities: Ossiach, Villach, Treffen and Steindorf. The wide range of leisure activities and its central location make it one of the most important tourist areas in Austria and a true holiday paradise.


Below you will find the most important information about Lake Ossiach:

Familywald Ossiacher See

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 The Familywald Ossiacher See is a nature family park on over 30,000 m² and offers a unique, incomparable experience for all age groups. A visit to the Familywald is an absolutely recommendable must-do in Carinthia!

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 Based direktly in the main town of Ossiach on the southern shore of Lake Ossiach, the Familywald offers many different attractions such as:

  • First ever Treenet's adventures in Central Europe
  • 1st forest rollercoaster in Austria
  • Treetop path with spectacular suspension bridges in an ancient beech forest
  • Forest playground with knight's castle, pirate ship, adventure trail
  • Climbing forest (Kletterwald)  with over 150 exercises (one of the largest in Austria
  • Petting zoo, magicians, face painting, street performers at peak times • etc.

Gerlitzen – local mountain of lake Ossiach (Ossiacher See)

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From the village of Annenheim, in the north-western area of the lake, the mountain ranges directly from the shores of Lake Ossiach to the approx. 1,900 m high Gerlitzen Alps. The Gerlitzen mountain range  is one of the most popular ski areas in Carinthia in winter and also a special highlight in summer with the many hiking opportunities.   

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 In the international paragliding scene, the Gerlitzen is a hot spot in Europe and offers first-time pilots the opportunity to experience this feeling of freedom with tandem flights.  


Address: Kanzelplatz 2, 9520 Annenheim

Ossiach - main town on Lake Ossiach

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 Ossiach is the main town on Lake Ossiach and is located on the southern shore. The unspoilt town center as well as attractions and sights within walking distance such as:

invite every Carinthian vacationer and local resident to visit regularly.  


According to legend, Ossiach is also royal. According to the legend, the king of Poland Boleslaus II is buried in the Ossiach monastery, to which a memorial stone still remains today.

Landskron Castle  - Lake Ossiach


 At the western end of Lake Ossiach is Landskron Castle, a rocky castle well worth seeing, where eagle flight shows take place and at the foot of which is the home of the Affenberg. 

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©Abenteuer Affenberg

Address: Schloßbergweg 30, 9523 Villach

Climbing Forest Lake Ossiach (Kletterwald Ossiacher See)

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 Over 150 exercises from easy to difficult make the Ossiacher See climbing forest one of the largest of its kind in Austria. Spectacular views of the lake and the Carinthian Alps complete the program and offer eventful and unforgettable experiences for the whole family. The family forest (Familywald Ossiacher See) is also located on the same site.

Bleistätter Moor – Slow Trail

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 The Bleistätter Moor is on the eastern shore of Lake Ossiach where the Slow Trail was created as a family hiking trail when the moor area was flooded in 2017. The newly created nature reserve is approx. 80 hectares in size and the very flat and easy 7 km long circular route is a recommendable Nordic walking, jogging and family hiking route. 


Address: Dammweg, 9552 Steindorf am Ossiacher See

Cycling around Lake Ossiach

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 Whether on a mountain bike, e-bike, racing bike or trekking bike, cyclists can enjoy Lake Ossiach to the fullest. The Ossiach Tauern is accessible with a variety of mountain bike routes, there is a cycle path around Lake Ossiacher See and in Ossiach there are several trail routes for beginners and advanced riders.

Finsterbach Waterfalls

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 The starting point for the Finsterbach waterfalls is in the town of Sattendorf on the northern shore of Lake Ossiach. The circular hiking trail to the 3 Finsterbach waterfalls is approx. 3.8 km long and, with an altitude difference of 316 metres, is a beautiful hiking experience for the whole family.   


Address: Finsterbach Waterfalls, 9520 Finsterbach

Water sports on Lake Ossiach

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 Wakeboarding, water skiing, innertubes, banana boats or stand up paddling, are all water sport activities available on Lake Ossiach. At many of the public beachers, large campsites and hotel complexes, several water sport providers ensure that fun in the water is never-ending.

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Stone House Günther Domenig (Steinhaus)

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 The stone house built by star architect Günther Domenig is located in Steindorf in the north-eastern part of Lake Ossiach. The Steinhaus is a venue in itself and provides insights into the world of architecture.  


Address: Uferweg 31, 9552 Steindorf am Ossiacher See

Gorge Trail Ossiach (Schluchtweg Ossiach)

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 The gorge trail starts in the Rappitsch district of Ossiach. An exciting, sometimes steep ascent leads through the forest along a small stream over several bridges for approx. 4 km and 400 meters in altitude up to the Tauern pond.


Address: 9570 Ossiach, Ossiacher Landesstrasse / Rappitschbachbrücke

Fishing on Lake Ossiach

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 From the shore as well as from the boat, day or night, fishing on Lake Ossiach is one of the many recreational opportunities not to miss. The 21 species of fish found in Lake Ossiach, including pike, zander, carp and rainbow trout, make the heart of both professionals and beginners beat faster.

Villach – Largest town on Lake Ossiach

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The south-western area of Lake Ossiach is part of Villach. The 7th largest city in Austria can therefore be reached quickly and easily from the lake. The traditional annual major events such as the Villacher Kirchtag or the Villacher Fasching are important fixed points.

Kärnten Therme Warmbad-Villach, Christian Schellander

 The Kärnten Therme (Wellness Hot Springs and Spa) in Villach Warmbad offers a recommended alternative program for rainy or wellness days.  

Address: Kadischenallee 25, 9504 Villach

Accomodation on Lake Ossiach

 The towns around Lake Ossiach have more than 2 million overnight stays every year. The range of accommodation is correspondingly large: from farm holidays, camping, & bed and breakfasts to 4-star luxury resorts. Some of the noteworthy accommodations are listed below.  

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Selected 4 star resorts and hotels at Lake Ossiach: 

 Particularly worth mentioning is the wide range of campsites directly on Lake Ossiacher See, which has developed into a true hotspot of the camping scene over the years.

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