The best things to do in Carinthia (Kärnten)!

by Stefan Schneider

 One of the best aspects about Carinthia is the multitude of excursions and activites that it has to offer. The possibilities are versatile and include outdoor activities, adventures in nature, zoos, boat and gondola rides, scenic roadways and museums.


In just a short amount of time you can experience high quality excursions of all kinds. Below is a compilation of the best attractions and excurisons in carinthia which you absolutely should not miss!

Familywald Ossiacher See (Family Park Lake Ossiach)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Familywald Ossiacher See

©Familywald Ossiacher See

A one of a kind nature  experience in an ancient Birch Forest, with countless adventures and activies to enjoy: the first Treenets Advenure area in all of mid-Europe, the first Forest Roller Coaster „Fly-Line“ in Austria, Treetop Trails, a High Ropes Course, Adventure Trails and much more, and all of this with the extraordinary front-row view of Lake Ossiach and the captivating Carinthian Mountain landscape.

Pyramidenkogel  (Observation Tower Pyramidenkogel)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Pyramidenkogel

© Kärnten Werbung, Fotograf: Tine Steinthaler

The highest wooden observation tower in the world with a height of 100m as well as a 120m long slide, offers an amazing view of Carinthia and Wörthersee. You can reach the 920 meter high observation platform by climbing the 441 stairs or with a comfortable elevator ride.

Großglockner Hochalmstraße (Großglockner Scenic Mountain Road)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Großglockner Hochalmstraße

©Großglockner Hochalpenstraße AG

With a length of 48 km, it is one of the most famous panoramic roads in Europe and has been providing incomparable driving pleasure since 1935. In addition to the diverse fauna and flora in the Hohe Tauern National Park, exhibitions and museums as well as huts and mountain inns offer you a unique mountain experience.

Abenteuer Affenberg (Monkey Mountain Adventure)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Affenberg

© Villach Tourismus GmbH

Here you will find Austria's largest monkey enclosure with 170 Japanese macaques. The guided tour through the monkey park is a very special animal experience for all ages. A special highlight are definitely the swimming and diving macaque varieties.

Minimundus am Wörthersee (Minimundus on Lake Wörthersee)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Minimundus am Wörthersee

©Minimundus GmbH

You can experience the whole world in one day while exploring the 159 miniature models of various sights from all over the world. The 1,500 m² indoor area with 4D cinema makes the Minimundus a recommendable family experience even on rainy days.

Kletterwald Ossiacher See - Treetop Adventure Park Lake Ossiach

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Kölnbreinsperre

©Kletterwald Ossiacher See


This highly recommendable and multi award winning Treetop Adventure Park with over 150 exercises and spectacular views offers eventful and unforgettable hours for the whole family. The sun terrace with a panoramic view is also perfect for chilling out and relaxing. 

Adlerarena Burg Landskron (Eagle Arena at Landskron)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Adlerarena

©Region Villach Tourismus GmbH, Fotograf: Franz Gerdl



The Birds of Prey and Owl Park brings you closer to the habits and lifestyles of these animals, some of which are endangered, in a breathtaking 45-minute flight show. During this unique show, you observe the magestic behavior of the birds in an open-air arena.

Ossiacher See Schifffahrt (Ship Ride on Lake Ossiach)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Ossiacher See Schifffahrt

©Kärnten Werbung, Michael Stabentheiner

You can experience the unique feeling of freedom while crusing with the ships on Lake Ossiach. The two ships: MS Ossiach and MS Gerlitze enable you to  travel over water to reach the best excursion destinations on Lake Ossiach.

Nockalmstraße (Scenic Mountain Road "Nockalmstraße")

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Nockalmstraße

©Großglockner Hochalpenstraße AG


This is one of the most beautiful and varied Alpine roads. It is 34 km long and takes you through an area of particularly scenic charm. On well-marked hiking trails you will also find the largest spruce, larch and stone pine forest in the Eastern Alps in the „Nockberge“ mountains.

Gerlitzen Alpe - (Gerlitzen Mountain Gondolas)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Gerlitzen Alpe

©Region Villach Tourismus GmbH, Michael Stabentheiner

The Peak of Mt. Gerlitzen  is the panorama and hiking destination for the whole family in the heart of Carinthia. Their motto is to bring you with the gondola directly from the lake to the mountain. Once you reach the top at almost 2,000 m there are rustic huts with traditional cuisine.

Wörthersee Schifffahrt (Ship Ride on Lake Wörthersee)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Wörthersee Schifffahrt

©Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH, Gert Steinthaler

Experience Lake Wörthersee on a boat trip. With 4 different ships: DS Thalia, MS Kärnten, MS Klagenfurt and MS Velden, there are great opportunities to experience Lake Wörthersee by ship --from Klagenfurt to Velden and from the north to the south shore.

Burg Hochosterwitz (Hochosterwitz Castle)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Burg Hochosterwitz

© Kärnten Werbung, Fotograf: Michael Stabentheiner

The largest castle in Carinthia has been through a lot in ist time. As part of this unique structure, are 14 historically interesting castle gates as well as an armoury, the weapon collection and a collection of Paintings from the Renaissance period. There is also a panorama elevator at the top of the castle.

Tierpark Rosegg (Animal Park Rosegg)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Tierpark Rosegg

©Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH, Tierpark Rosegg

In the largest animal park in Carinthia you can explore around 300 animals from 35 different species. In the extensive park area around the historic castle hill you can discover and observe many wild and domestic animals.

Bad Kleinkirchheim (Bad Kleinkirchheim Gondola)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Bad Kleinkirchheim

©Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen

Experience the Nockberge Biosphere Park with fantastic views of the mountains in Bad Kleinkirchheim. In the extensive hiking and biking area you will also find Europe's longest mountain bike flow country trail.

Reptilienzoo Happ (Reptile Zoo Happ)

Ausflugsziele Kärnten - Reptilienzoo Happ

©Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH, Tine Steinthaler

In the most species-rich reptile zoo in Austria, you can marvel at 1,000 different reptiles from tarantulas to crocodiles. There are 60 different species of snakes including mambas and cobras and many more. There is also a dinosaur garden in the outdoor facility.


The best things to do in Carinthia (Kärnten): 

  • Familywald Ossiacher See
  • Pyramidenkogel
  • Großglockner Hochalmstraße
  • Abenteuer Affenberg
  • Minimundus am Wörthersee
  • Kletterwald Ossiacher See
  • Adlerarena Burg Landskron
  • Ossiacher See Schifffahrt
  • Gerlitzen Alpe
  • Wörthersee Schifffahrt
  • Nockalmstraße
  • Burg Hochosterwitz
  • Tierpark Rosegg
  • Bad Kleinkirchheim
  • Reptilienzoo Happ


If our quick overview of the most popular excursion destinations and sights in Carinthia is not enough for you, we would also like to help you with a complete overview of all excursion destinations in Carinthia, divided into categories:

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Things to do at Lake Wörthersee:

Carinthia's largest and most famous lake has a lot to offer for excursions in its immediate vicinity:


©Kärnten Werbung, Gert Steinthaler

Things to do at Lake Ossiach:

Lake Ossiach, the family paradise with numerous excursion tips on the mountain, in the water and in the forest:

©Region Villach Tourismus GmbH, Michael Stabentheiner

Things to do at Lake Millstatt

The region with the deepest lake in Carinthia also has a lot to of sights to offer, especially in the cultural sector:


©Kärnten Werbung, Franz Gerdl

Things to do at Lake Faak

Nearby the turquoise lake Faak are many excursion possibilities for all ages.


©Kärnten Werbung, Franz Gerdl

Things to do at Lake Weissensee 

In the surroundings of the highest bathing lake of Carinthia you can find many things to do.

©Kärnten Werbung, Michael Stabentheiner

Things to do at Lake Klopein

Besides water temperatures of up to 28 degrees you can also find a lot of interesting attractions.

©Kärnten Werbung, Michael Stabentheiner

Things to do in  Klagenfurt

In Klagenfurt you can find one of the most famous sights of Carinthia.I


©Kärnten Werbung, Steinthaler

Things to do in  Villach

Surrounded by several lakes and mountains there is always a lot to do in Villach.

©Region Villach Tourismus GmbH, Michael Stabentheiner

Things to do in  Feldkirchen

Some hidden excursion gems are waiting for you in the Feldkirchen region.

©Region Villach Tourismus GmbH, Michael Stabentheiner

Things to do in Central Carinthia

Central Carinthia with its old capital city of St. Veit has a lot of traditional sights to offer.

©Kärnten Werbung, Franz Gerdl

Things to do at Nassfeld Pressegger See

From Mountain adventures to fun at the lake can be found in this region.

©Kärnten Werbung, Franz Gerdl

Things to do in Lavanttal

Cultural sights are in the focus of the Lavanttal region.

©Kärnten Werbung, Emira Husidic

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